Indian Coffee

One of our favorite things about coffee besides the caffeine content and taste is that it is one of the few universal features of human culture. In nearly every corner of the globe, you can find people brewing and sipping coffee in one form or another. From Australia to Alberta and everywhere in between, people love coffee.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a unique way of making coffee popular in Southern India. This method is so popular there that it is officially just called “South Indian coffee” or “South Indian filter coffee.” Unlike some other regional coffee recipes we’ve covered, South Indian coffee requires some specialized equipment, as it is difficult to replicate with other coffee gear. Nonetheless, if you’re curious about South Indian coffee and have access to the necessary filter, we encourage you to follow along and learn how to make South Indian coffee.

South Indian coffee requires a coffee filter to make it correctly, and we know you probably think you have plenty of coffee filters around you could use. Unfortunately, South Indian coffee filters are not the same as regular coffee filters. It is almost certain you don’t have one unless you purchased it specifically to brew coffee in the South Indian style.

A South Indian coffee filter is a stainless steel contraption consisting of two nested cups, one on top of the other. One cup holds the coffee grounds and has holes that allow the coffee to pass through and fall into the second cup.

It is nearly impossible to replicate the effect of passing through the filter with another brewing method. If you want to make South Indian coffee, you really need to pick up a traditional Indian coffee filter. Luckily, there are many affordable options available online.

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