Filter Coffee

I am a regular tea drinker but I do enjoy filter coffee from time to time so I am sharing a traditional way of making this beverage. It is also known as filter kaapi in Tamil language and Mysore filter coffee. 

This popular coffee is also served in South Indian hotels, restaurants and street-side food stalls.

You will need the South Indian coffee filter to make this tasty hot beverage. It is available in most utensil shops in South India, West India and also online.

This method is similar to the french press coffee decoction however the equipment used is unique and different. Plus the apparatus is very simple to use.

You will need coffee powder to prepare the coffee. My parents travel to South India quite often so they normally pick up coffee powder from there so I always have stock. The taste of the coffee largely depends on the type of ground coffee used.

So buy a good brand of filter coffee powder. Keep in mind that the filter coffee powder is different from instant coffee.

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